Spot the Difference: a game for drivers

Do you consider yourself to be a good driver? Do you think you are good at spotting important changes to the road environment?

Download the Spot the Difference Driver Game and test your skills! (Chrome works better than Internet Explorer.)

This fantastic tool helps drivers to understand a phenomenon called ‘change blindness’. No matter how experienced we are, or how long we’ve been driving, we are all at risk of missing some important changes to the road. Research has found that drivers who use this tool are significantly more likely to accept that they need to pay much more attention on the road.

Spot the Difference slide example 300x200 pixels

It’s particularly important now, with so many more people riding bikes and walking.

We are grateful to Dr Melina Kunar, Professor Derrick Watson and their colleagues from the University of Warwick who, in light of current concerns around road safety and active travel, have kindly given Leeds City Council permission to use and share this resource.

For more about how this game helps to promote safer driver behaviour, read the research findings here.

Daniel O. A. Gunnell, Melina A. Kunar* , Danielle G. Norman and Derrick G. Watson 2019 The hazards of perception: evaluating a change blindness demonstration within a real-world driver education course. Cognitive Research: Principles and Implications 4:15