Road safety is a key priority for Leeds City Council. We are working closely with West Yorkshire Police to eliminate all deaths and serious injuries on our roads. This includes supporting Operation SPARC and the Safer Roads Media Submissions project. We work with schools in Leeds to teach road safety workshops for children and provide speed indicator devices to the local community.

Furthermore, the Connecting Leeds Transport Strategy aims to improve highways infrastructure, upgrade the public transport network and create safe, segregated cycle lanes. 

Operation SPARC

Operation SPARC (Supporting Partnership Action to Reduce Road Casualties) is a pilot project developed by Leeds City Council and West Yorkshire Police to address dangerous driving linked to fatal and high severity collisions. It is also addressing other anti-social driving and supports the Council’s ambitions to encourage more people to walk or cycle by making the roads in Leeds safer for everyone.

The project targets drivers who are speeding, using mobile phones or are suspected to be under the influence of drugs or drink while driving. Additionally, people deemed to be driving aggressively or detected as driving without insurance will face enforcement.

Since launching in July 2020, police officers have dealt with 2,692 drivers. This includes 696 seatbelt offences and 506 speeding offences.

Safer Roads Media Submissions

The Safer Roads Media Submissions portal is a response to increasing submissions of footage relating to driving offences that members of the public have witnessed. Submit footage of dangerous and anti-social driving for the police to review and help make our roads safer.

Useful Resources

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