Speed Indicator Devices (SID)

Many communities across Leeds are concerned about the speed of traffic in their local area and in some cases it has a significant effect on their quality of life. To help address this problem, The Influencing Travel Behaviour (ITB) Team have developed a “Community Speed Awareness” scheme that has already been used with good effect … Continue reading Speed Indicator Devices (SID)

Sharing the road – Looking out and giving space

Over recent years, and particularly since hosting the Grand Depart of the Tour de France in 2014, we have seen a real boom in the number of cyclists in Leeds, both for leisure and commuting purposes. Cycling is increasingly seen as an affordable, convenient way to get around and recognised not only for the benefits … Continue reading Sharing the road – Looking out and giving space

Leeds Road Casualty Data 2018

It is almost that time of year when the casualty data from January to December 2018 is released. For those who are not aware, data is collected by the police at the scene of each collision, including location, time, vehicles involved and what they were doing before the collision, along with further details about the people involved.


If you have an issue with inappropriate parking outside your school gates at the beginning and end of the school day, and want to reduce the number of children coming to school by car, we have put together the following collection of ideas that could be used to try to reduce the problem.

Seat Belt Safety

Here’s a bit of history…… Can you remember when cars didn’t have seat belts? The Department for Transport have been promoting the use of seat belts since 1973, long before it became compulsory by law to use one. Then in 1983, front seat belt wearing regulations for drivers and passengers (both adult and children) came … Continue reading Seat Belt Safety

Emergency Vehicles and You – Are you Blue Light Aware?

Emergency workers provide an essential service to our communities. It is important that we all have a clear understanding of how to react when presented with an emergency vehicle on blue lights to ensure that they can go about their business unobstructed.

Winter driving – getting ready for the cold spell – preparation for the road

Winter is well under way, but we’ve not had the worst of the bad weather yet. We are at that in-between time when we know summer has long gone, and maybe even wishing it would hurry up back. It may also be the time when we go into panic stations about snow forecasts, storm warnings, … Continue reading Winter driving – getting ready for the cold spell – preparation for the road

Be Bright Be Seen – October clock change

Be Bright Be Seen is the message from the Influencing Travel Behaviour Team as winter approaches. British summertime ends in October – the clocks go back by an hour and most of us may be travelling home in the dark. One of the consequences of the darker evenings and mornings is the increased risk to people’s … Continue reading Be Bright Be Seen – October clock change