Mobile phone use and driving

Over the last few years we have all seen increased use of mobile phones. They are now an integral part of our everyday lives, with many of us feeling that we cannot ‘live’ without them. Mobile phones not only allow us to make calls and receive texts but also make it easier to access social networking sites, browse the internet, use maps and play music. … Continue reading Mobile phone use and driving

Tyre Safety Month 2019

1st – 31st October 2019 Look who’s talking This year the Influencing Travel Behaviour Team are supporting Tyre Safety month. We want to spread the word about how important tyre safety is, by reminding drivers of the importance of frequent tyre pressure checks to improve road safety, reduce motoring costs and be kinder to the environment. This year Tyre Safe’s campaign ‘Look Who’s Talking’ covers … Continue reading Tyre Safety Month 2019