We work with organisations in Leeds to promote active and sustainable travel for work and the daily commute. We provide advice and guidance to businesses and developers who are required to implement Travel Plans as part of the planning process. The team aims to increase the amount of people walking, cycling and using public transport to get to work.

E-Cargo Bike Trial Scheme

Leeds businesses have the opportunity to trial an electric-cargo bike for their local deliveries.

E-cargo bikes are pedal-assisted and equipped with a large storage area, perfect for sustainable local deliveries and transporting cargo around Leeds. They are an environmentally friendly alternative to vans, with zero emissions and no associated cost such as road tax or parking. 

They can get through congested areas with ease and cover up to 50 miles on a single charge, with a load capacity of 350 litres and 200kg.

If your organisation is trying to become more sustainable or cut costs, e-cargo bikes are a great option. Our e-cargo bike trial scheme lets you try before you buy, giving you a chance to discover the benefits of using zero emissions vehicles for yourself.

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Travel to Work Survey

The annual Travel to Work Survey collects valuable data about commuting trends and informs future transport investment decisions. Click here for the results of the Travel to Work Survey 2021.

Organisations can create a report using travel plan management software, iTrace. The software makes it easier to analyse survey results in more depth and create a postcode map of staff method of travel.