Road Safety Week 2022: Safe Roads for All

November 14-20th is Brake’s Road Safety Week 2022. This year’s message is “Safe Roads for All.” The week is an ideal opportunity to promote life-saving messages of how everyone can contribute towards making our roads safer with a particular emphasis on everyone is right to make safe and healthy journeys on safe roads.

Throughout the week Brake will be highlighting work being carried out across the country to improve road safety including safe roads, vehicles, and speeds. They will also draw attention to the new hierarchy of road users and the importance of inclusivity to keep us all safe on the roads no matter who we are or how we choose to travel.

The week comes as a timely reminder of Leeds City Council’s recently launched Vision Zero 2040 Strategy the Leeds Safe Roads Partnership wants to eradicate fatal and serious road crashes by 2040. To cut traffic danger we will create a ‘safe system.’ This means that everyone who has anything to do with shaping the traffic environment is responsible for safety, as well as those who use the roads.

In Leeds, the Influencing Travel Behaviour training team are in high demand and will be out delivering pedestrian skills training and lessons specifically requested over the next fortnight. There will be a series of road safety tweets all week.

Sunday 20th November at 3pm is the SCARD (Support and Care after Road Death and Injury) Oakleaf Service of Remembrance at Leeds Minster.

To find out more and to register so you can access free teaching resources, visit Road Safety Week/ Brake.

If you would like to find more about the road safety and sustainable travel training through the Influencing Travel Behaviour Team, visit our Leeds for Learning Influencing Travel Behaviour /Leeds for Learning

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