Remember, remember, to scoot in September… it’s time to kickstart the new school year with Scootember!

Leave the car keys behind and scoot the school run for a fun, healthy and active start to the year!

Scootember is all about encouraging children to use their scooters for short journeys, whether that’s on the school run, going to after-school activities, or to visit friends and family locally. By swapping short car journeys for scootering, everyone is contributing to cleaner air and safer neighbourhood streets.

Scoot the route!

Find a suitable route for scootering and build up your child’s confidence on the scooter with short local journeys. Make sure your child knows about road safety and potential hazards on the route and they share pavements safely with pedestrians. Encourage children to wear a helmet and make sure it is appropriately fitted and fastened. Wearing bright/high visibility or reflective clothing will help drivers see and be aware of children scooting on the pavement. 

Destination too far to scoot the route to school? ‘Park and Glide’ it.

Put a helmet and scooter in the boot, find somewhere to park within a 5-15 minute walk from school and scoot the final distance. Those minutes of fresh air make all the difference to reducing carbon impact and boosting your child’s mood.

Safety first

Ensure scooters are in good working order by doing scooter checks.

Now you are ready to get a scoot on… and have some fun! Keep an eye out for our safe and sustainable travel trainers, who will be visiting 15 primary schools in Leeds throughout Scootember!

Find out if your child’s school is taking part in Scootember.

Share a photo of any family members scooting to school in Leeds (let us know which school!) and tag @ConnectingLeeds on Twitter or Facebook.

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