10 cycling tips to celebrate 10 years of ‘Cycle to Work Day’

Join the UK’s biggest cycle commute event on the 4th of August 2022 to celebrate 10 years of Cycle to Work Day. Whether you’re a new or experienced rider, you could win big by taking to two wheels – Cyclescheme is giving away over £4,000 worth of prizes to this year’s participants.

Why cycle, why now?

Cycle to Work Day is the perfect opportunity to switch up your daily commute and discover the benefits of cycling: it’s a great way to get fit, save money and reduce your carbon footprint. Ditch the traffic for a fun, reliable, and more sustainable way to get around Leeds.

Read what cycle commuters of Leeds have to say about their experience.

How do I join in?

Anyone can take part with a little preparation and a bike – simply log your trip on the 4th of August 2022 using Love to Ride. You’ll also be entered in Cyclescheme’s prize draw.

Whether you already cycle to work or want to get started, here are 10 tips for a safe and enjoyable journey:

1) Find a cycle-friendly route: Use the West Yorkshire interactive cycle map to find the safest route from your door to work. The website allows you to search for routes within your local area and check out their suitability for cycling before heading off.

2) Protect your bikefind out about Bike Register, the national police online database where you can register your bike to ensure it’s returned in the event of theft. Or for greater protection, keep an eye out for Bike Register events where you can get your bike marked with a tamper-proof sticker.

You can also ask whether Bike Register can come to your place of work: just email bikeregister@leeds.gov.uk

3) Help others cycle safely by reporting dangerous driving to Operation SNAP, an initiative where anyone can submit footage of dangerous incidents or near-misses on the road. If there is sufficient evidence, police will follow up with appropriate action to discourage offenders from causing future incidents. Read more and submit footage to Operation SNAP using the Safer Roads Media Submissions portal.

4) Does your workplace offer a cycle to work scheme? If not, ask HR to join one. There are various schemes available for employers and employees to slash the cost of cycle commuting. Show your colleagues how easy it can be to boost mental and physical health by switching out cars, trains, and buses for fresh air and a clearer mind in the morning.

5) Want to try a bike? It’s easy to borrow from one of three Bike Libraries across Leeds providing free-to-rent bicycles and safety equipment such as helmets, locks, pumps, and high visibility gear. Visit or call in to check availability:

The Reginald Centre Community Hub and Library

Dewsbury Road Community Hub and Library

Armley Community Hub and Library

6) If you use a van for work, why not try an e-cargo bike instead? With a load capacity of up to 200kg and large storage area, electric cargo bikes are an innovative zero-emissions solution for transporting local deliveries. Find out how your business can apply to trial an electric cargo bike for up to three months free of charge.

7) Get a good lock! Don’t encourage bike thieves by leaving your bike unsecured – follow these bike security tips from Sustrans to decrease your chances of falling victim to bicycle theft.

8) Insure your bike against theft. There are many options for providers such as Bikmo, Pedalsure, and Direct Line. If you’re a member of British Cycling, you can save 10% on bicycle insurance with Bikmo.

9) Dress appropriately and be ready for the journey home to be different weather – carry waterproof clothing to protect yourself from the elements. British Cycling’s guide contains all the information you need to be prepared for any season.

10) Find out how to be a considerate cyclist. Do you know the appropriate turn signals and rules of the road? Check that your bike is ready for action – it might need new tyres or brake pads, or maybe even a tune up. If it needs repairs or adjustments, don’t wait until the last minute. Make sure they’re done well in advance so you have time to get used to riding again. Get a free bike check from Leeds Bike Mill by booking a 1-on-1 appointment with one of their mechanics.

Want to build your confidence as a cyclist? CityConnect offers free adult cycle training and bike maintenance courses with qualified instructors around West Yorkshire.

Enjoy the open air, break up your commute with a little exercise, and save money by not having to spend money on petrol or public transport fares. There’s lots to enjoy about cycling to work, so long as you stay safe on the road. See you on Cycle to Work Day 2022!

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