Dangerous driving caught on camera? The police want to see it.

Members of the public in Leeds have sent more than 1,000 clips of dangerous or anti-social driving to the police to review since the start of 2022. Police were able to take further action in relation to more than 70% of the videos they received.

Anyone, of any age, can submit footage filmed on any device.

In more than half of those cases where the police were able to act, the driver had to attend a driver-education course. One in 10 drivers received a conditional offer (3 points on their driving licence and a fine), and 2% were summoned to appear in Court.

Outcomes of West Yorkshire Roads Policing Unit (RPU) actions Jan-June 2022

Most of the footage that the police receive is sent in by cyclists, who film dangerous driving (such as ‘close-passes’) using a camera attached to their helmet or handlebars. Drivers also send in a lot of clips caught on dashcams. The police want to encourage everyone to use Operation SNAP – including bus passengers and pedestrians, motorcyclists and horse-riders, as well as cyclists and drivers.

Offences range from driving without reasonable consideration to others to using a mobile phone at the wheel.

Examples of driving offences filmed by members of the public in Leeds

The West Yorkshire Police ‘Operation SNAP’ submissions portal was set up in response to demand for a way for people in Leeds to report dangerous or anti-social driving. It has proved a huge success, enabling police to review 1,118 clips submitted by the public between January and June 2022.

How to submit footage to Operation SNAP

Upload clips of dangerous or anti-social driving to West Yorkshire Police Operation SNAP. If the footage is good enough, and if the evidence is strong enough, the police will act.

The police will let you know about the outcome of your submission. Any witness required to give evidence in court receives additional support and guidance.

The Op SNAP portal is specifically for video footage of potential driving offences. If you do not have any footage and want to report crime, please use the main police ‘report it’ page.

Operation SNAP bin stickers

If you would like to help spread the message about Operation SNAP, you can request a pair of A4-size bin stickers: please email road.safety@leeds.gov.uk

Operation SNAP

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