Want a road safety banner for your school?

To mark this year’s BRAKE Kids’ Walk on Wednesday 22 June 2022, we’re offering primary schools in Leeds the chance to design their own weatherproof outside banner with a road safety message. You can hang your banner on railings or on a wall at your school. All you need to do is get creative…

You design it, we’ll print it.

The banner must focus on a relevant road safety or sustainable travel message.

Your short walk can raise awareness of the road safety features in the area including safe crossing places, 20 mph speed limit, cycle paths, road signs or markings.  All parents and carers can be encouraged to share important road safety messages on their journey to school.

  • Simple designs with bold colours work best, so remember – less is more.
  • You can aim your message at adults, at pupils, or at both.
  • We will print it on external vinyl and deliver it for free.
  • Your picture needs to be 3 (horizontal) x 1 (vertical) scale. We will then enlarge it and print in on a banner that is up to 3m wide  and 1m high (or smaller if that works better).

Here are some issues that may be relevant to your school. (You may have other great ideas of course.)

  • responsible parking (not on the zig-zags or ‘keep clear’ markings
  • looking out for children
  • speeding
  • being a considerate driver
  • walking and cycling to school
  • Highway Code road-user hierarchy
  • Green Cross Code
  • crossing roads safely
  • distractions

Please send your designs to itblearning@leeds.gov.uk by Friday 1 July 2022. We reserve the right to make appropriate changes.

Let us know how you get on – you can email itblearning@leeds.gov.uk or tag us on Twitter @connectingleeds.

About Brake Road Safety Week

Every day 6 children are killed or seriously hurt on roads in Britain. On Wednesday 22 June 2022, thousands of school children aged 4–11 will take part in a short, supervised walk to share important road safety messages. There’s still time to Register to take part in Brake’s Kids Walk and get your FREE action pack, including lesson plans, assemblies, activities and posters featuring Shaun the Sheep.

The Leeds Safer Roads Partnership, led by Leeds City Council, has developed the draft Vision Zero 2040 strategy which sets out a plan to eliminate road deaths and injuries in Leeds.

Road safety for schools in Leeds
Our dedicated team of road safety trainers provide pedestrian, scooter and road safety workshops in schools across Leeds. The workshops teach safe and sustainable travel skills and build pupils’ confidence. To book a training session please email itblearning@leeds.gov.uk.

2 thoughts on “Want a road safety banner for your school?

  1. Thanks for this helpful post! I totally agree that the printed banner must be a relevant road safety or sustainable travel message since it is focused on the safety of the children. What’s the best type of banner to be printed for it to last for years?


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