What are the benefits of electric cargo bikes?

With the cost of running a business rising and research indicating that customers are more likely to buy from sustainable brands, it’s time to find new, eco-friendly, and cost-effective ways of working. One option is using an electric cargo bike for local deliveries and transporting products across Leeds.

Electric cargo bikes are electric bikes with a large storage area that can be used to transport almost any load, from construction materials to food and drink. Businesses in Leeds can trial an electric cargo bike for up to three months free of charge. Click here to apply.

What are the benefits? Keep reading to find out…

1. A low-cost option

Electric cargo bikes are much cheaper to use than a van or a car, but they still have a load capacity of 250 litres or 200kg. You don’t need to buy petrol, pay for parking, or pay road tax, so you and your organisation can save money. Additionally, loading restrictions do not apply to electric cargo bikes.

2. Sustainable transport

If your organisation is trying to become more sustainable, electric cargo bikes are a great option. They are a greener way of transporting cargo, helping to reduce pollution and traffic congestion. Switching to electric cargo bikes will improve air quality in Leeds and help us reach net zero by 2030.

3. Easy to ride

Electric cargo bikes are very easy to ride, even up the hills of Leeds! The pedal assist technology gives you a boost as you ride – helping you cycle at a speed of 15.5mph. They can cover 50 miles on a single charge. You can use the new segregated cycle lanes to avoid the traffic and access places that vehicles can’t, like pedestrianised areas in the city centre.

4. Active travel

Riding an electric cargo bike is a fun way to stay active while you work. It’s hard to balance your job and the gym, so cycling for work is the perfect solution. Using an electric cargo bike is an accessible, low impact method of staying active. Regular exercise makes us healthier and happier, so it’s important to find ways to add it to our routine.

How do you ride an electric cargo bike?

Electric cargo bikes may look intimidating, but they function just like a normal bike as Alistair Brownlee, Olympic champion and Leeds Active Travel Ambassador, demonstrates:

Borrow an electric cargo bike for free

If you’d like to try out an electric cargo bike before you invest, join our free trial scheme to rent one for up to three months. To learn more and apply, click here.

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