Streets for People toolkit launched to celebrate Car Free Day

We’ve launched a brand new Streets for People toolkit as communities across Leeds celebrate World Car Free Day.

The new toolkit explains how to close your road temporarily during daylight hours so you and your neighbours can use the space on your doorstep in other ways. The helpful guide will make it easier for you to organise community events, celebrate bank holidays, religious events, awareness days and festivals with your neighbours.

World Car Free Day is a chance to re-imagine streets as vibrant community spaces, designed for people instead of cars. The campaign also promotes the benefits of walking, cycling and using public transport. To celebrate, we’re hosting a street party!

Visit us on the newly transformed Cookridge Street, on Wednesday 22 September, 10am – 3pm. The street party will include circus performers, family-friendly activities, a free Leeds Bike Mill mechanic, a BikeRegister pop-up, Connecting Leeds and Clean Air Leeds.

Additionally, Zero Carbon Headingley has organised a Car Free Street Fair along North Lane on Sunday 19 September, 1 – 4:30pm. The fair includes eco-friendly arts and crafts, food, sustainable gifts, live music and activities for children. 

The Car Free Day events in Headingley and the city centre will showcase what is possible when roads are closed to traffic. The Streets for People toolkit makes it easier to close the street you live on to enjoy the space with your neighbours at any time of year.  

Visit Cookridge Street on Wednesday 22 September, 10am – 3pm.

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