Scootember 2021: How to get involved

It’s time for Scootember!

Scooting is not only a fun, family-friendly activity, it’s also a sustainable mode of transport and a great way to stay active. Travelling by scooter reduces congestion at the school gates and improves air quality for the local community.

Every September, we highlight the many benefits of scooting to school. This year we’re celebrating Scootember by providing scooter training in schools AND free scooter storage.

We want you to get involved at home too. Here are some fun activities and ideas for celebrating Scootember as a family:

1. Scooter Transformation Challenge
Encourage your child to show off their creative skills by accessorising their scooter or designing a scooter with special powers.

2. Scooter Sports Day
Get your children excited about scooting by organising a scooter-themed sports day. Create a scooter obstacle course in your garden or the local park for some friendly competition.

3. Park & Glide
If you live far away from school and need to drive, leave your car 10 minutes away and finish the journey by scooter. It’s a fun way to spend time with the kids, helps to ease congestion and improves road safety around the school gates.

4. Fancy Dress Scoot to School
Join in with school Scootember events. Your children can wear fancy dress if they travel to school by scooter – the best costume wins a prize!

Your child’s school can apply for FREE scooter storage to join in with Scootember by emailing

Let us know what you’re doing to celebrate Scootember by using the hashtag #Scootember2021 and tagging @ConnectingLeeds on social media.

Scootember is the perfect opportunity to encourage your children to lead healthy active lifestyles. We hope you will get involved.

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