Olympian approved: Alistair Brownlee trials our new electric cargo bike

To celebrate Clean Air Day, Olympian and Leeds Active Travel Ambassador, Alistair Brownlee launched our free Electric-Cargo Bike Trial Scheme. The scheme gives businesses in Leeds the chance to loan an e-cargo bike for three months. Watch Alistair’s experience using an e-cargo bike for the first time and click here to apply.

Electric-cargo bikes are equipped with a large storage area, perfect for sustainable local deliveries and transporting cargo around Leeds. They are a sustainable alternative to vans, with zero emissions and no associated cost such as road tax or parking. 

They are easy to ride and cover up to 50 miles on a single charge, with a load capacity of 350 litres and 200kg.

If your organisation is trying to become more sustainable or cut costs, electric-cargo bikes are a great option. Our free electric-cargo bike trial scheme lets you try before you buy, giving you a chance to discover the benefits of using zero emissions vehicles for yourself.

As a passionate advocate for active and sustainable travel, Alistair Brownlee was the perfect person to test one out.

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