The E-Bike Trial Scheme – Stephen’s Story

As lockdown eases and many of us return to the workplace, it’s the perfect opportunity to find new, active and sustainable ways to commute.

Leeds City Council is working on a range of projects making it easier than ever to cycle in Leeds. From new cycle lanes to Bike Register pop-ups, we’re committed to making Leeds a cycle-friendly city. That’s why we’re giving commuters in Leeds the chance to trial an electric bike!

E-bikes are accessible, easy to use and easy to charge. They can be cheaper and often quicker than driving or using public transport. By switching to an electric bike for commuting, you can reduce your carbon footprint and help keep the city’s air clean.

Commuters in Leeds can now borrow an electric bike free of charge for up to two weeks as part of a new initiative to promote sustainable travel. Want to learn more? Introducing Stephen.

Stephen first used an electric vehicle while on holiday and loved it, which inspired him to shake up his daily commute at home. He wanted to be less reliant on his car, for both financial and economic reasons, and get outside to exercise more. After researching electric bikes, he decided to apply for our E-Bike Trial scheme. Here’s what he had to say…

“I have no shower facilities at work and normally travel in a suit so needed something that gave the option to take all the hard work out of the experience if required. I decided that before purchasing an electric bike I really need to experience one first.

Luckily, it was at that moment that the E-Bike Trial scheme came to my attention and it wasn’t long before I was picking up an electric bike from Kirkgate Market. The whole process was incredibly easy and the service was very friendly. I am enjoying cycling along the Leeds-Liverpool canal towpath and the new cycle lanes that mirror my usual car journey home.

The overall experience of using an electric bike was incredibly positive. Using an e-bike cut my commuting time down by 15 minutes each way and was a cathartic way to end a working day.

When it came to charging the bike, I’d charge it overnight and it would take me to and from work on full power with enough juice to spare. Alternatively, I would pop the battery pack in my bag and go for longer journeys to visit friends, knowing that with a few hours’ charge the battery would be full enough to get me home.

Because the electric bike was so easy to use, I found I was much more inclined to go out on bike rides and it became my go-to form of travel.

Following the trial, I am now keeping an eye out for my own electric bike. However, I will wait to see if they become more affordable first. The electric bike trial was a great way to trial an e-bike without the upfront costs.

I really enjoyed taking part in the scheme.”

Click here to learn more and apply for the e-bike trial scheme, and help us move towards healthier, greener travel in Leeds.

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