Super Slow Drivers, Super Safe Children

This week we’ve been celebrating Walk to School Week 2021, hosted by Living Streets. Today, the theme is Super Safe!

It’s also United Nations Global Road Safety Week; this year’s theme is ‘Streets For Life’, which focuses how low-speed streets save lives. Overall, the World Health Organisation concludes that an increase in average speed of just over half a mile an hour (1km/h) results in a 3% higher risk of a crash and a 4 to 5% increase in fatalities.

Low speeds such as 20mph zones also make it easier for parents walk or cycle with their children to school, because the streets feel so much safer. You may have noticed all the 20mph zones we’ve put in around schools and neighbourhoods around the city to make our communities safer.

According to Living Streets, 1 in 4 cars on the road during rush hour are on the school run. This results in road congestion, increased air pollution and crowding at the school gates.

Leeds City Council works on a number of projects designed to make walking to school safer. This includes immediate solutions such as pedestrian training in schools, driver education especially around the dangers of speeding, and long term infrastructure projects that are transforming our city.

When you decide to walk to school with your children instead of driving, you’re reducing the number of cars on the road, easing congestion and reducing pollution. That’s why we’ve also set up 14 trial School Streets around Leeds. School Streets limit the amount of cars allowed to enter the road outside a school, so parents and children walk together to the school gates. This reduces congestion, promotes an active lifestyle and creates a sustainable community.

As we work together to create a child friendly, greener and more active city, Walk to School Week is a great way to raise awareness of our progress and encourage more people to ditch driving for walking! Have you been taking part? Let us know by tagging @ConnectingLeeds

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