Free bike and scooter storage for schools

Schools in Leeds are invited to express their interest in free cycle and scooter storage for pupils and staff. 

We can pay for and install the following (see below for more).

  • Scooter rack
  • Cycle shelter
  • Cycle compound

If you’re interested, please email us on by 7 June 2021 and let us know what your needs are. We’ve got a supplier ready to deliver and install the cycle or scooter storage at your school at the earliest opportunity – so get in touch as soon as possible!

You’ll need to provide baseline information on the numbers of pupils scooting / cycling to school and do follow-up spot checks at regular intervals. . 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months.

Scooter storage
This is either single or double sided scooter parking for up to 10 scooters. It can either be a standalone item, or you could integrate this into cycle shelters to provide protection from the weather. Pupils use their own padlock to lock their scooter to individual security chains. The rack is 1.85m wide.

Bike storage

There are two types of weatherproof bike storage: a shelter, and a compound. Both are made of galvanised steel with a polyester powder coat. Both will be fitted on a concrete base or on sub-surface concrete pockets.

Bike storage #1: cycle shelter
This provides secure storage for up to 10 bikes on a ‘toaster’ style rack. It is 4.12 m(w) x 2.2m (d) x2.16m (h).

Bike storage #2: cycle compound
The cycle compound provides secure storage with two sets of ‘toaster’ racks for up to 20 bikes. It is available in a variety of colours. It measures 5.4m (w) x 4.12m (d) x2.36m (h).

Funds are limited, but if you are not successful this time, we will keep your details on file and contact you if more funds become available in the future.

The Influencing Travel Behaviour team can offer additional support to promote sustainable travel within schools, including:
–          Bikability training
–          Cycle to Work scheme (for all local authority maintained schools)
–          Bike Register
–          Scooter and pedestrian training
–          Mini police and SID (speed indicating device) days

Please email to find out more about how the ITB team could help your school.

The funding is part of the government’s Active Travel Fund. This supports local authorities to improve cycle and walking infrastructure, to help more people can walk and cycle. Leeds City Council and West Yorkshire Combined Authority successfully bid for some of this to install cycle and scooter storage in schools across West Yorkshire.

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