Top 30 sustainable travel festive gifts

Give the Leeds City Council Influencing Travel Behaviour team the job of coming up with their favourite walking, cycling and public transport gifts and ideas, and goodness me, they deliver! So if you’ve left it a bit late to get a great present, or you need a few last-minute stocking fillers, here are the team’s recommendations.

Sleigh bells ring, are you listening?
Around Leeds, all is glistening!
A beautiful stroll
So good for the soul
Walking in our city wonderland.

  1. touch-screen gloves
  2. light-up, reflective dog wearables
  3. winter warmers – walking socks, hat, buff
  4. waterproof jacket and waterproof trousers
  5. re-usable hand-warmer
  6. gust-proof umbrella (they do exist!)
  7. personalised OS paper 1:25,000 map or subscription to mapping app
  8. head-torch
  9. pedometer or fitness tracker / watch
  10. earphones

Jingle bells, cycle bells
Pedal all the way
Oh what fun it is to ride
In a green and healthy way, hey!

  1. refurbished bike from The Bikes College or Bradford Bikery
  2. USB-charging bike lights
  3. helmet camera
  4. handlebar phone holder
  5. bike-cleaning kit
  6. waterproof panniers waterproof shoe cover bike cape
  7. reflective rucksack or rucksack cover
  8. a day/weekend/week e-bike rental
  9. bell, track pump, bicycle wheel spoke reflectors, bike-seat cover and aclip-on mudguard (aka ass-saver)
  10. and finally, a gift for yourself: if you want to treat yourself to a new bike, check if your employer has signed up to a Cycle to Work scheme – there are great savings to be had.

Sustainable travel
God bless you merry gentlemen
May late nights not dismay
If you stay up to celebrate
Don’t risk the drive next day
Leave cars at home and go by bus
It’s much safer that way!
Oh tidings… etc.

  1. Metro card
  2. reusable / thermal cup
  3. e-reader (for reading on the bus/train)
  4. noise cancelling earphones (for listening to podcasts on the bus/train)
  5. neck cushion (for that sneaky doze)
  6. membership of Enterprise Car Club
  7. donation to World Bicycle Relief
  8. for all the family – a tandem, kids’ balance bike, recumbent bike or an e-bike
  9. day out on the Leeds cycle network….
  10. and finally, a gift for yourself: if you want to treat yourself to a new bike, check if your employer has signed up to a Cycle to Work scheme such as this one run by Evans.

Oh, and not to be a Grinch or anything, but if you’ve got your eye on an e-scooter, remember that they’re currently illegal to use on roads, pavements or cycle lanes. Basically anywhere that’s not private land. Maybe things will be different next year…

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