Keep cycling this winter

It might be darker and colder, but there’s no need to for that stop you from enjoying your bike throughout the next few months, whether it’s to fill your panniers with festive goodies, pop out to see a friend or dust off the cobwebs with a winter ride. So whether you’re in line for a shiny new Xmas bike or are sticking with a trusted familiar, we’ve rounded up some tips from the experts to help you keep pedalling all the way to Spring.

Cycling in the dark

The dark art of lights, reflective accessories, buddying-up, route-planning and being alert.

Cycling in the rain

Chances are you’ll get caught in the rain far more rarely that people assume. And if you do, you won’t believe how many tricks there are to stay safe and dry.

Winter-proof your ride

Can you cycle in snow? Course you can!

Enjoy the winter commute

Video about how to nail the journey to work: routines, puncture-resistant tyres, hot drinks, work clothes, spare lights and other great tips.

8 Essential Cold Weather Clothing Tips

Learn from the experts and you’ll always stay toasty warm on your wheels (honestly, what they don’t know!)

To find out about how to keep your bike in good condition, read our blog post about cleaning it in winter.

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