Running to work clears the air… and the mind

Our next story for World Car Free Day 2020 (22 Sept) is from Pete Dawson, who runs to work once a week for John Sisk & Son

I try and run in to work every Friday, it is just under 8 miles and takes about 60 minutes.

It helps relax me and get a few things sorted out in my head. It also makes me feel good and energised for the day ahead. My advice for anyone wanting to start this would be to not try too much at once, little and often is better than long runs to start off with. Research a few stretches on YouTube. Dynamic stretches after a warm up then static stretches at the end of a run. Once you have run for a while look at putting a training schedule together. Listen to your body if something hurts and gets worse whilst you’re running stop. If the pain eases it is just stiffness so carry on.

Have a target which really concentrates the mind.

Running is a really simple activity that only takes a few weeks to start getting easier and improving your fitness level. I would recommend anyone to give it a go.

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